【NEW】 TOPLI Chinese wind wallpaper amazing Frankfurt Home Textile ExhibitionSource: Release time:2017-01-14

January 10, 2017 - 13 days, TOPLI wallpaper with the original Chinese wind wallpaper stunning Frankfurt textile exhibition, TOPLI wallpaper exhibition has twelfth consecutive years of international top German Frankfurt wallpaper exhibition, exhibition Chinese wallpaper ethnic flavor in the international wallpaper industry. In 2017, TOPLI booth has Chinese features continuous beam of cultural heritage of the customers from all over the world are invariably into TOPLI opening a new year's invitation to negotiate.

The HEIMTEXTIL Frankfurt, TOPLI not only stunning beautiful pics wallpaper wallpaper to the international stage, gained the trust and support of many overseas customers, TOPLI wallpaper export business will open a new departure in the new year.


"Win 201...

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